translated from Spanish: Women’s groups report intimidation for demonstrating in front of the POI in Castro


During yesterday afternoon a group of women belonging to the Circle of Feminists of Chiloé and the Southern South* went to protest around 6 p.m., from Castro Square, in response to the IPO’s refusal regarding the rape case of a 35-year-old girl in the city, who reports that she was raped by eight men , but which the POI considered an inconsistent complaint after conducting preliminary expertise.
«As soon as we approached the office, two POI officials quickly left with two types of Balinese shotguns (…) and less than a metre away, at point-blank range, a companion was shot in the leg and then disproportionately shot at the body. There is one companion who came to her knee, another in her ankle, another came to her chest, another that hit her in the head and has some health problems related to the circulatory system in general, so we quickly left the place,» narrates one of the collective spider spokesers in exclusive conversation with El Mostrador Braga.

«But, if that were not enough, then, when we accompanied our colleagues to the hospital to look for injuries, a group was frightened by four officials: civilian pacos and one in Carabinero’s uniform, threatening the little ones that they would take them all, when they were walking quietly towards the hospital, and one of the officials made the gesture of spending their finger around their necks , alluding to cutting the neck (…) This happens without any criteria, as babies, girls, boys and adolescents were on site,» the protesters said.
Credits: Photo of The Collective Spider
Credits: Photo of The Collective Spider
The rape allegation in Castro
On October 10, a woman reported being the victim of a group rape in Castro on the night of the 9th and early 10th. In the case, the woman stated that she had taken an informal taxi to get to TenTen, but that, along the way, the driver would have changed course and picked up other men who would have finally sexually violently violent her.
Later, the spokestor of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of the Lakes, Carmen Barra Jofre, reported that, according to preliminary information from the POI, they consider that there is inconsistency in the account of women.
«Immediately after receipt of the complaint, all available means of conducting the investigation were activated (…) after intense proceedings led by the prosecutor and executed mainly by officials of the IDF Sexual Offences Brigade and especially through the analysis of security cameras and the statement of eyewitnesses, it has been possible to determine that the complainant remained in a property located in the central castro sector from last Friday afternoon to moments before the complaint was made , this information has been received preliminaryly by the Sexual Offences Brigade and we are awaiting the final report,» she said.
However, from the Chiloé Feminist Circle and the Southern South*, they report that the POI has been negligent «without compressing the dimensions of sexual torture and dismissing the evidence provided by Castro Hospital and the victim.»
They claim that the woman identified two people as responsible and that it is important to consider that it is normal for a post-group sexual abuse account not to have complete coherence or structure because of symptoms and signs of possible post-traumatic stress.
In this context, they mobilized around 18:00- 19:00 hrs from yesterday’s day to the frontis of Castro Investigation Police to demand «processes free of negligence and misogyny».
*The Circle of Feminists of Chiloé and the Southern South consists of: The Collective Spider- Chiloé, Feminist Coordinator Atacama, Igualatacama, Collective 8M Atacama, Olla sabrosa Atacama, Poderosas Atacama, Collective Atacama Feminist Revolution, Self-convened Feminists Rivers, Resistance of Women Conception Bío Bío, Feminist Coordinator Punta Arenas, Feminist Assembly of Temuco, CF8M Maule, Tejiendo Rebeldías Valdivia, Violetas Libres Valdivia.

[*] This article describes or contains elements of an ongoing court proceeding. There is a possibility that the charges or facts may be dismissed at the end of the investigation or the process, so the person(s) referred to as guilty, or the facts as reliable but plausible, should not be regarded until the respective court delivers a judgment.

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