translated from Spanish: Altars at home is a way to celebrate the deceased faithful

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- In view of the proximity of the traditional celebration of the Day of the Dead, External State Civil Protection does not go to the fields of Sinaloa, because it is one of the places with the greatest concurrence and with it the possibility of generating contagions of the coronavirus. Juan Francisco Vega Meza, Director of Civil Protection in Sinaloa, said that from home altars can be made in order not to expose the integrity of health, as they also symbolically receive the deceased into the earthly world.  
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He commented that as a prevention measure it is important to stay inside the house in any circumstance, privileging first and foremosm health, and for reasons to this traditional date that the call is approaching is to remember the deceased faithful differently in spaces where people are not exposed. «The call is not to be exposed, no matter what space it is,» the state director of Civil Protection stressed.

He also disclosed that apart from the altars inside the house, another way to be able to make our loved ones who have already departed feel closer is to place floral offerings as the traditional, which is the food they used to eat the most, as well as to place candles, always taking into account the risks that this can generate, because they can be a dangerous factor for children who are close to the place , or for those who live, by forgetting to turn them off during the course of the night. Vega Meza exclaimed that it is important to take into account all precautionary measures to avoid fatal accidents, which is the first thing that is sought not to happen derived from staying inside the home so as not to expose yourself to going out to crowded places such as pantheons. It should be mentioned that for every Mexican the date of November 2 is important, but we must take into account that we are in the middle of a pandemic and that attending the fields would be putting life even more at risk.

Original source in Spanish

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