translated from Spanish: Poor results call into question Caputto’s continuity in the ‘U’ after the end of the first wheel

Hernán Caputto could no longer be the coach of Universidad de Chile at the end of the first wheel of the National Championship, due to the irregular walk of the collegial cast in recent dates. Since the 3–1 defeat to the Spanish Union, things have been complicated for the former U-17 national teamer. After that, the ‘U’ fell without appeal to UC (3-0), beat Deportes La Serena (3-0) and leaned into a lazy encounter against Deportes Antofagasta (1-0). In qualifying, meanwhile, the blue box ranks fifth with 25 units, eight of the leaders Catholic University and Union La Calera.Regarding the team’s walk, a blue blue fountain declared to El Mercurio that “there is an obvious involution. You don’t see a game pattern.” Even the publication argues that in the concessionaire of the ‘U’ they are “not happy” with the level of the team. “The technician knows that, by contract, he will be evaluated at the end of the first wheel,” they noted from Azul Azul.The next two meetings, against Audax Italiano and Universidad de Concepción, will be key to Caputto’s continuity on the blue bench. If he did not achieve good results, the former schoolgoer would leave his post to which he arrived in July 2019.

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