translated from Spanish: UNLP to develop 3D mega printer to build social housing

The National University of La Plata (UNLP) and the Rio Santiago Shipyard (ARS) will develop the first 3D printer of national manufacture that will allow to manufacture social housing quickly, economically and with recyclable materials, was officially reported from the studio house. It is a technological innovation that will be designed by the Faculty of Engineering for the construction of mortar-based houses, a mixture of cement characteristics that will be manufactured for the first time in the country by the Rio Santiago.La initiative is of «special interest as a solution to the housing problem that has existed in Argentina for decades» , considering that according to official data «one in three families has housing problems», according to a statement from the Platense UniversityThe institutional vice president of the National University of La Plata, Marcos Actis and the dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Horacio Frene, together with the president of the Rio Santiago Shipyard, Ariel Basteiro, signed a specific agreement at the facilities of the naval plant , located in the town of Ensenada, for the design and prototyping of a 3D printer for the construction of mortar-based houses. Following the signing, the representative of the house of high studies, Marcos Actis, emphasized «the importance of working in conjunction with the Rio Santiago Shipyard» and noted that «thanks to the impulse of the current management we can realize this work that we will do between the University and the Shipyard, in projects of social interest, as well as in other projects that can serve the shipping industry». Meanwhile Basteiro stated that «this agreement allows us to create a prototyping of this machine, to continue to innovate in technology and provide housing solutions, in an agile way, in a country that has a strong debt in habitat issues». The dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Horacio Frene, considered that the project will allow to develop «a tool to provide housing response to a sector of the society delegated, but it will also be of great use and applicable to industry and civil works». He further emphasized that this technology «has enormous potential as it can adapt and respond in different soils of the country, from Misiones to Santa Cruz». As UNLP engineers advanced, it is a true mega printer ideal for building social neighborhoods quickly and economically.»

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