translated from Spanish: Young denunciation that carabinero infiltrated Peñalolén impersonated his identity

A young man from the commune of Alto Hospicio, Tarapacá Region, accused the carabinero infiltrating Lo Hermida (Peñalolén) of his identity to create the character with which the uniformed man carried out the intelligence work. The man, 21, claims to be the real Giovanny Arévalo Alvarez, a pseudonym who used carabinieri in the aforementioned capitalist population for about five months this year.» It’s super dangerous for me and my family, because they can commit any crime, kill a person, burn something, all with my name, and then they come to me. And who saves me?» argued the young man on radio Cooperative.Young Giovanny, the real one, told that he found out a few days ago about the situation, after waking up at home. «Getting up with my wife and daughter, my brother calls me and sends me screenshots,» she said. In addition, he stated that he does have «problems with Justice,» so he finds himself «paying a monthly fee for a robbery rather than an uninhabited one.» But «I’m behaving well now, » he said.» I’m getting out of it all, doing behavior, working, and now getting away with this?» he fustigated.» We’re from a poor family, we don’t have to pay for lawyers. They take advantage of poor people,» he said.

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