translated from Spanish: Minister Pérez by infiltrator carabinero: «Those who perform these functions do not commit criminal acts»

This Saturday, interior minister Victor Pérez referred to the case of the carabinieri infiltrated the town lo Hermida in Peñalolén and assured that «those who perform these functions do not commit criminal acts.» The Government has already set a clear stance because this is the application of the Intelligence Act, which allows the figure of the undercover agents and who are fundamental to protecting people, confronting and disarcting violent groups,» Perez said, «In that line, he said that «the government made a law, it applies in both intelligence and investigative standards because the under-the-bottom interest is that the state has mechanisms , procedures for disarcting violent groups». By the way, he dismissed some of the questions, noting that «whoever makes a complaint has every right to do so and will be penalized with the relevant procedures but attributing to a public servant, to whom the State places him in an extraordinarily risky situation, such as infiltrating violent groups, which will commit or commit criminal acts, seems to me to be inappropriate.» I want to ensure that those who perform these functions do not commit criminal acts and have very strict control. If anyone wants to make a complaint about it, they have the court channels to make it,» he added.

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