translated from Spanish: Mother’s Day: Retail sales fell by 25.1%

Mother’s Day sales in retail stores fell 25.1% from the same date in 2019, reported by the Argentine Confederation of Medium-sized Enterprises (CAME). The report argues that the fall means that the decline in quantities sold is influenced by a lack of goods, poor household income, uncertainty and fear of economic prospects and protocols for entering physical premises. It is also indicated that in some locations the restrictions on driving influenced and in CABA the opening of shopping (not included in the survey) subtracted visits and billing to neighborhood businesses. The average spending ticket was $1604, up 45.8% above 2019.” To a greater or lesser extent, 82.2% of the relieved retailers ended the date with annual casualties in their activity levels. While 23.7% expected this result, 58.6% were confident in more activity,” the report summarizes. With regard to the offers offered, 65.5% of the business offered some special offer. In addition to the typical promotions with cards, they stood out: cash discounts, gifts with some purchases, 3×2, 2×1, among other variants.

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