translated from Spanish: Geraldine Bazan’s fish and chicken-based waist

Geraldine Bazán, 37, has always stayed in shape, but since she is single she has achieved amazing results on her body ranging from a totally flat belly, to a dreamy waist which she has achieved based on exercise, but especially thanks to her diet which is based on fish and chicken. For those who do not know Geraldine Bazán has her own YouTube channel, where she has shared beauty tips, exercise and eating routines which is a favorite of the actress originally from Mexico City, because she has always said that she loves to eat, but Geraldine Bazán does not eat anything, because she is a lover of fish and chicken because of the great properties she has for our body.
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Geraldine Bazán assures that she has never dieted, but that she tries to eat as best as possible, so she always includes these foods avoiding red meats despite not being considered vegetarian prefers these proteins to preserve her figure which is one of the most envied of the artistic environment, since she looks spectacular.

“Very beautiful lady the dream of anyone”, “Excellent actress, cute and with a beautiful body, which more can Geraldine ask for?”, “Beautiful and sexy is you a beautiful and beautiful doll this divine besides being a spectacular mamasita”, “Your beauty is incomparable. It’s on an incalculable level. There’s really no way to be able to tell how big your beauty is,” Geraldine Bazán writes on her social media.

As mentioned above Geraldine Bazán has tried to do all kinds of exercises, as she is a very active woman, so she has shared with her fans that she likes to do to continue with that dream figure that is loaded, especially when she wants to feel closer to nature.
Today I play (how lately) In my opinion the best training is the one that each of us is accommodated, personally I do not like the gym I prefer functional workouts outdoors and I love pilates!!! On the one hand you develop strength and condition and on the other a female body, elastic and laongado. What works for you and why you do or not exercise???, Geraldine Bazán writes in her exercise routines.

Geraldine Bazán’s body is thanks to fish and chicken/Instagram

Another thing Geraldine Bazán does every morning to maintain that barbie physique she has is to drink a glass of water with a touch of lemon which allows her to alkalize her body and helps the purification, so the beautiful actress is delighted with these routines which have helped her quite a bit. Although it is not believed by Geraldine Bazán despite having tremendous body and great beauty, she does not have a at the moment, but not because she does not want to, but because of the busy work schedule she has, but that is not why she has been saved from gossip, because in the past it was said that she was dating an entrepreneur who supposedly did not suit her at all, since apparently she was an advantager, but Geraldine Bazán did not listen to the gossip.

Geraldine Bazán has tremendous body/instagram

One person who has defended Geradine Bazán by cloak and sword is his mother, Mrs. Rosalba Ortiz, who confronted Carmen Salinas for her daughter’s opinion of her daughter’s marriage to Gabriel Soto.
She lived 20 years like this with a person who was married, well I saw him in Set Stories and I don’t know how she dares to make those comments if she lived that way, and the gentleman left with his wife anyway. The thing is, it was a different time, Mrs. Rosalba Ortiz explained to let go of the Soup.

Original source in Spanish

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