translated from Spanish: Isolated Palm trees in Santa Fe: Cacho Deicas has coronavirus

The cumbia santafesina band, Los Palmeras, had to cancel their agenda for a positive case of coronavirus among its members. It was confirmed that Cacho Deicas, the singer, is infected. For this reason, he and the other musicians decided to isolate themselves preventively.» On Sunday I was called by two of the boys because they felt bad and had all the symptoms, last night I wrote the sound engineer that was the same and today we went to swab and there jumped the positive of Deicas,» explained Marcos Camino to radio LT10.

Los Palmeras

As last week rehearsals had begun for the anniversary of the South American Cup final played by Colón on November 9, 2019 and were together in an enclosed space and for so long, the others were also considered positive cases by close contact. That’s why they suspend their schedule for two weeks and stay isolated waiting to get to November 9 to be part of the final anniversary celebration.» We are all isolated but without any problem, the risk factors are have them Cacho and I because we are older, he is 68 and I 70,» said the accordionist who also confirmed that, between technicians and musicians, there are 9 isolated by the band.

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