translated from Spanish: 2021 Copa America: Conmebol leaders met with Lammens and Frederic

The suspension of the Copa America to be held jointly by Argentina and Colombia forced the postponement of all kinds of meetings and just under a year after it was held, a new meeting was held again with argentine ministers that will be fundamental in development. On the one hand, Security Minister Sabina Frederic led the first of the day as part of the Copa America Security Unit, where the Embassies of participating countries, security courts, national agencies and AFA authorities were present.

In this case, the measures to be implemented to provide security in and around the stadiums began to be analysed and will require a fluid articulation between the Ministry, the Federal Police and the provincial police involved. Luis Morales (Undersecretary of Security), Eduardo Villalba (Secretary of Security), Agustín García Puga (Undersecretary of Football Shows) and Juan Carlos Hernández (Head of the Federal Police) participated. The Conmebol was present the Gonzalo Belloso (Deputy Secretary General and Director of Development), Iñaki Alvarez (Operations Coordinator of the Copa América 2021), Fátima González (Contract Manager), Nibaldo Benavente (Commercial Manager). Meanwhile, daniel Cabrera was present on behalf of the AFA.

Later, the same South American entourage, received Matías Lammens, Minister of Tourism and Sports and Leandro Balasini, Undersecretary of Institutional Relations and International Cooperation as part of the project of organizational cooperation for the realization of the contest next June, in strategic axes such as Legal; Infrastructure; Migrations; Transport; Communications; Security; Health and Commercial.

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