translated from Spanish: Cordoba: the ‘miracle’ of rains and the excitement of firefighters

Finally, after long days in which firefighters did everything in their power to fight the wildfires that hit Cordoba, the rain came ‘miraculously’ and there are no more active pockets in the province.

#Incendios. Up-to-date information. Rain has improved the situation of forest fires so there are no active floodlights in the province of Córdoba. — Government of Cordoba (@gobdecordoba)
October 20, 2020

This was confirmed on Tuesday by the provincial government. “Rain has improved the situation of wildfires so there are no active floodlights in the province of Córdoba,” he reported, through social media. Someone listened to them.
Nicolas Aguilera, photographer, told Filo.News how he lived that night. He was in Capilla del Monte, where the fires also hit hard, when firefighters were alerted that the fire was approaching the Church of Los Cocos, located about 10 kilometers from the area.

“Someone listened to them, and he wasn’t a politician,” Aguilera wrote in his nets Photo: Nicolas Aguilera

When they arrived, he recounts, firefighters were stationed on the church beach and arriving cars were already being put to work to try to save the Church. But, as they waited, firefighters decided to gather and pray, perhaps with their last hopes, for a miracle. About 15 minutes later, as if his pleas had been heard, the rains appeared.
“While we were waiting, type 9:30, all the firefighters went to pray at the altar, kneeling. It must have been 15 minutes and it’s gone to rain.”

The images recorded by Nicholas reflect the joy and excitement of firefighters after long days of fighting a fire that seemed to never go out.

Photo: Nicolas Aguilera

Photo: Nicolas Aguilera

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