translated from Spanish: Cpc President for Violence: «Perhaps government authorities should have been stricter»

«I cannot fail to say that we are in a pandemic situation where there have been institutions that have expressed their very high concern for the health of Chileans as Public Space and others, all of them in the Social Bureau, Colmed and others, and it turns out that here thousands of people gather and no one opens their mouths, no one is protected from human health. We have the country beaten to take care of everyone’s health, the construction is practically paralyzed and here, this happens piola, as if it were and gave the same thing, I have not seen anyone condemning that fact that is absolutely illegal,» the president of the Confederation of Production and Commerce (CPC), Juan Sutil, said tomorrow about the events that occurred on Sunday in Santiago on the occasion of the first year since the social outburst.
«Of course I very much agree with Minister Enrique Paris, this can be a setback, it is a lack of seriousness and once again, but the bias in my judgment, because some things are condemned and others are not. Second, violence is nefarious, we were a couple of days before with locals, meeting neighbors, we went with Manuel Melero, we called for non-violence, the crime report and the locals themselves and neighbors said of their own mouths: ‘they have stolen our peace of mind’, ‘our work, life’, ‘children have had to leave the neighborhood’ , etc., therefore I reject with all the force and with all the violence, especially in this case that it is a manifest violence that has destroyed, I am surprised that the churches are burned and in this country like that nothing happens,» he said in *Radio Universe*.
«With regard to Carabineros’ actions, there are also many situations in which Carabineros is criticized for whether or not they act. One sees the press today and says Carabineros did things right, but in the end he acted late, at the last minute, and if Carabineros had moved forward, they would have criticized because he got ahead of himself. There is no way to please anyone here, and the most serious thing is that we are facing overflowing violence and society in its spell has to accept it and I find that inesenterable,» he said.
«I hold them responsible (those who called to manifest themselves), they themselves have torn garments saying that you can’t move people, that you have to stay at home, that the country has to hibernate, that we can’t move from one place to another, that we have to wear mask, wash our hands, etc., then it’s curious that after a tremendous run of society as a whole , where one sector demands a slowing of activities, don’t forget that at one point there were 2 million people working in Stgo and citizenry was demanded, these leaders who are an elite, demanded that activity be reduced. We, entrepreneurs and companies went down to 970,000 people and did it responsiblely, so I say those same people who at one point demanded all these paralyzations and safety measures, certainly correct for health protection,» he added. «Today many of them shut up or just look to the side, when it was logical to call for non-gathering, non-violence and taking care of people’s lives, the people living in Plaza Italia are devastated,» he said.
«I pass the bill to the people responsible, for example you have Mayor Jadue who went to the demonstration. He is a public authority that knows that it is prohibited by law and he has promoted it, that there are no meetings beyond 50 people, one has to be consistent with his quality of authority.»
«On the other hand, I can understand that an anaist is off the circuit and makes all the calls he wants because he is anarchist, but a responsible person who made calls to this concentration, it seems to me that it is not correct. We called on communities and locals and the first thing we did in the Lastarria neighborhood was say ‘hey, there can be no more than 50 people’ and we did. So I say: it is not possible that in some respects there is one standard and in others, another standard,» he added.
«Perhaps the government authorities should have been stricter. I wonder: if I had gone with a group of 300 people, would carabinieri have taken me in detention? it’s likely. It seems to me that in this respect the same citizenship is irresponsible, the same citizenship should not have been there, we are in the midst of a crisis, in a pandemic, we have communes in Stgo that have recently come out of quarantines, we have communes that are going back and forth, we have a concentration of 25 thousand people and people who could have come from many places Incluso from outside Stgo and that can be a source, as happened in Spain in March and that generated a situation of outbreak of the pandemic more strongly because they left Spaniards has celebrated on the street, and here the same can happen.»
Consulted by next Sunday’s Plebiscite and if he considers that there are the conditions to develop it without violence, Sutil replied: «Pucha, it is a difficult question to answer, the situation is very liquid. I hope that we will have an act as we have had in the return to democracy of an election in peace, quiet and that Chile will show its democratic spirit. I hope so, and otherwise we will have to regret situations of overflowing violence that could continue to destroy our external image, our security and capabilities.»
«This violence leads to instability, breaks the democratic framework, generates fear in many people, destroys the lives of those who live or work in those neighborhoods. It is not the right way to express political preferences and they are ultimately associated with anarchy, drugs and insurrection. We should aspire to a democratic process that will enable us to channel our preferences and resolve them within the framework of democracy,» he said.

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