translated from Spanish: Even in the cabinet ‘there are very considerable misogyny issues’: Lamb

The Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, said on Tuesday that even inside the federal cabinet, «there are very considerable topics of misogyny», as a patriarchal system persists.
Attending an event organized by the Women’s Museum, the civil service member mentioned that in security meetings some members have not taken their opinions into account by being a woman, «even if I was right and even if I was contributing something important.»
However, he noted, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador «has always given me my place».
«Of course there have been obstacles! Of course there’s been exclusion! Even within closed groups where she arrives as first woman, they became closed to each other so that I could not even enter that group, blocked, totally blocked,» she said of the difficulties she has faced in her judicial career and already as a government holder.
«Many of these challenges were to demonstrate a woman’s ability so much or more, but the challenge was twofold, not only to arrive, but to demonstrate and of course that within the cabinet, even today, there are very considerable misogyny issues, of course,» he added.
Things, he said, «have not been easy, nor will they be easy yet for many women,» because the construction of patriarchy persists.
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