translated from Spanish: Powerful Choral Festival: a space with the voices of various parts of the world

Because in music we also value and share diversity. The Mighty Choral Festival arrives, a virtual event that will bring together the voices of various cues of the world with the aim of providing an art space and encounter in times of pandemic.
The initiative is promoted by the Collective to Cuerda and is organized for the full benefit of the barrial and political organization, La Poderosa, a movement that works in villera activism and resistance, with a presence in the most violated sectors of Argentina.
“We are a group of companions who believe in art as a tool of social transformation”, is defined the Collective, which brings this proposal that unersies in times of social distance being art, bridge between realities. The festival will be held on October 24 and can be seen from the YouTube channel at 17 hours in Argentina, 22 hours from Spain, 16 hours from Cuba, 15 hours from Colombia and 14 hours from Honduras.

Powerful Choral Festival

Even those interested can collaborate with a donation that will go to the La Poderosa campaign: that is raising funds to “be able to give connectivity to all popular slums, a resource that is scarce in these sites and that became an essential element to access education in times of quarantine”. Next, the schedule: 

Powerful Choral Festival

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