translated from Spanish: With the return of Dybala, Juventus won on their Champions League debut

Juventus started a new phase of Champions League groups and did so in a hard stop against Dinamo Kiev, knowing that victory was very important in the dispute of an area in which everything indicates that he will compete hand in hand with Barcelona for the top of it. Therefore, the visit to Ukraine was vital, considering that it did not feature Cristiano Ronaldo.While the Portuguese continues to recover from coronavirus, the one who if he appeared among the variants was Paulo Dybala, who had not been able to make his debut in the era of Andrea Pirlo and had the opportunity to do so by Champions League. While the coach had expressed the anger of the corodobes, he made it clear that the inactivity of two and a half months was key.

Alvaro Morata celebrates his second both against Dinamo Kiev. Photo: Twitter @juventusfc

With these casualties, the Turin team jumped on the pitch and had to battle Dinamo, who did not make it easy for him. The opening of the market recently came at the start of the second stage, when Alvaro Morata took advantage of a rebound from the goalkeeper after Kulusevski’s header and Juve was able to control the game. After half of the second half, Paulo Dybala appeared on the field, where he showed some flashes of quality but failed to impose the game. Still, it was key to retaining the ball and taking advantage of the spaces. That’s how the ultimate goal came, when Cuadrado took off and assisted Morata who, in the race, scored the double. With the triumph, Juventus stands well for the first duel with Barcelona (28 October) and begins to recover soldiers thinking about the great objective of the season, since for several years the fans have not been enough with the titles of the local level.

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