translated from Spanish: With «Yes for Mexico,» Coparmex aims to empower citizens in 2021

Morelia, Michoacán.- In order to raise its voice on injustices and achieve true citizen participation in the next electoral process to be implemented in 2021 the Coparmex presented the «Yes for Mexico» initiative.
Through a virtual event, Coparmex national president Gustavo de Hoyos accompanied by agency leaders in the interior of the country and activists commented that Mexico is going through a critical stage, where there is a lot of violence towards women, insecurity and lack of opportunities for young people.
For this reason, entrepreneurs and civil society decided to create «Yes for Mexico» so that the voice of people who were victims of violence, corruption or violence can be heard and so the authorities do something about it.
Social activists, young students, entrepreneurs and people from the entertainment field are part of this campaign and on November 8 there will be a national convention where the Yes for Mexico agenda will be officially presented.
The agent consists of eight basic points of citizen participation such as: ensuring quality basic education, greater investment in health, focusing concrete actions on security, the proper implementation of the justice system, combating corruption, protecting women and children and above all pressuring the federal government to take into account organized society in decisions that have to do with the future of the country.

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