translated from Spanish: Government recommends not traveling abroad at risk of COVID

The Government of Mexico, through the Ministry of Health, issued a preventive notice of international travel through the COVID-19 pandemic.
The notice contains a label with the warning “risk level 3” and invites you to “avoid all non-essential international travel”.
“The possibility of getting sick from this event (COVID-19) is high, and there are no specific medical prevention measures against this disease,” the warning reads.
The text notes that, according to the latest WHO report, 40,118,133 cases and 1,114,779 COVID deaths have been confirmed in at least 216 areas, territories and countries.
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Next is a map showing in strong tones those countries where a high number of cases are recorded.
The Area of South America, North America as well as several countries in Europe are among the nations that have between 8,500 and more than 100 thousand active cases.
For people planning a trip abroad, the government recommends:

Preferably avoid or postpone it.
Please note that some countries have implemented restrictions or preventive measures, such as isolation and quarantine of travellers, or certificates or laboratory tests upon arrival in the country. For this it is recommended to consult the official sites of the countries or the embassy of the country to visit.
If you have to travel, register with the Mexican Registration System abroad so that mexico’s consular or diplomatic officials can locate you if necessary; and refer to the Traveler’s Guide.
Consider additional precautions: Keep your vaccination schedule up to date according to your age group, reserve the medications you usually take for your chronic conditions, and consult your doctor.
The seasonal influenza vaccine is given 21 days before travel (due to influenza season 2020-2021).

During the trip, the recommendations are: wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, eat well-cooked foods and drink only disinfected or bottled water, avoid contact with sick people or crowded places and mass events, use water covers and if you get sick seek medical attention and not self-medicate.
The directions to follow after the trip are:

Monitor in the last 14 days after returning to Mexico if there are symptoms of acute respiratory disease, and if so, seek immediate medical attention, even more so if you are part of the vulnerable population.
Before going to emergency rooms or hospitals, inform health personnel about your trip.
If symptoms occur, avoid exposing others, follow prevention measures, use mouth coverings and include hand washing with soap and water, as well as maintaining proper physical estating.

The full document on travel recommendations and warnings can be found here.
As of Tuesday, in Mexico they total 86 thousand 893 deaths per COVID and 860 thousand 714 confirmed cases accumulated.
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