translated from Spanish: Video: Anne Hathaway’s Stunning Transformation for “The Witchies”

Weeks ago, Anne Hathaway made a sensation simply with the release of the trailer for the remake of “The Witchies”, that resversiones the ’90s classic starring Anjelica Huston, and which is close to its release, of course in the month of Halloween.This new version is produced by award-winning filmmakers Robert Zemeckis (Academy Award for “Forrest Gump) and Guillermo del Toro (Oscar winner for “The Shape of Water”), and will bring us a story as friendly as it is entertaining.

On his way to its premiere, Hathaway shared a snippet of one of the transformational processes to become his character. Layers of makeup and characterization. “It’s all magic,” she wrote. And it’s true, the magic we’ll see soon on screen.

Video posted on his Instagram account @annehathawayLa story is based on the eponymous story of novelist Roald Dahl, who writes stories for children and young people such as “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “James and the Giant Peach” and “Matilda”. As previously unveiled, this version seems to be more faithful to the original text. She is a grandmother (played by Octavia Spencer who returns to work with Del Toro after “The Shape of Water”) and her grandson Luke (Jahzir Bruno) will try to stop a squad of British witches, although in the attempt, the little one will be turned into a mouse, so she must regain her human form. The film also features Stanley Tucci (“The Devil Dresses In Fashion”), among other figures.

Because of the pandemic for the new coronavirus, “The Witchies” will not be able to premiere in cinemas because many theaters in the world remain closed. So it will arrive in the United States on October 22 through the digital platform, HBO Max.
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