translated from Spanish: A Ford Mustang was destroyed in a fire training

The Ford Mustang is one of the most desired vehicles for iron lovers. Whoever has it takes care of him like he’s a treasure, I’d never imagine damaging it. However, a group of U.S. firefighters had to destroy a specimen during rescue practices. The protagonist of the story, which took place in Michigan, is a red Shelby GT500. Firefighters performed an extraction practice, which usually occurs in car accidents.

To carry out this exercise you must cut several parts of the vehicle so rescuers can easily release passengers who are trapped inside. Due to the complications involved in the maneuver, it is imperative that firefighters practice before doing so in a real situation, so the destruction of a real Mustang.
As a good gesture with the Dearborn Fire Department, Ford Motor Company donated sports to him but why not do it with a less luxurious car and even older? Why didn’t they give it to a brand customer? The reason is because exemplary was used as a Ford test mule, so despite being a functional car, it still had to be destroyed. As indicated by law, pre-production cars cannot be registered and cannot be sold, so they end up in scrap metal. Or in this case, being the protagonist of a fire practice, as some hearts break when they see how it looked.
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