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The Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires enabled the filming of applications for film, television and audiovisual platforms. He reported it through a statement they published in the last few hours.» This initiative is part of the gradual plan of opening activities carried out by the City and, of course, progressing according to the epidemiological situation,» explained the City’s Minister of Culture, Enrique Avogadro.» We have in operation the art galleries, bookstores, streaming concerts, museums for maintenance, and self-events among others», he detailed and noted that «the audiovisual sector employs many people and spills in other industries, it is very important its return». The return has a «strict» prevention protocol, developed jointly with audiovisual industry workers, trade unions, cameras and professional audiovisual associations. The letter covers all stages and applies to all stakeholders, such as subcontractors or catering, security, transport, equipment rental, among others.What is the protocol about?

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The protocol establishes a gradual incorporation of the different stages of audiovisual production, defining each area a minimum necessary of people to resume face-to-face activity. In turn, it sets out to re-evaluate the distribution of jobs, setting priorities based on maintaining the recommended social distance among workers. And evaluate the possibility of remote service delivery for as many stages of production as possible. In order to avoid crowding people, workers should try to maintain at all times the safety distance of 2 meters between people in all workplaces and common areas.
Staff must complete by DDJJ prior to entry to companies, channels and/or locations where productions are developed.
Body temperature checks shall be carried out, through the use of infrared equipment, prior to entry into the workplace to any person who must access the facilities or locations. Access shall be prevented if a temperature of 37.5oC or higher is detected.
Companies must have a specific place at the entrance of the various spaces of movement of staff, intended so that people can sanitize hands, and personal objects (wallets, cell phones, backpacks, bags, among others) before arriving at the workplace and reiterating the operation at the egress of the locations.
Participation in the filming area will be subject to as many people as the occupancy coefficient allows for this protocol and the total of 20 (twenty) cannot be exceeded, provided that the density of space occupancy meets one person every 15 (fifteen) square meters of free space.
The employer shall ensure the recruitment of cleaning personnel who periodically disinfect the surfaces and materials used, prior to the start of the day, during the day and at the end. Similarly, it should happen with work environments. Including recording or filming locations, studios, canals, rehearsal rooms, building facilities, offices, dining rooms, kitchens, toilets, desks, chairs, PC, closets, warehouses, work items, wallets, backpacks, personal effects, etc.
Equipment, changing rooms, catering and other items rented or arrive at locations for any reason shall be disinfected when unloaded and prior to any handling, as specified in the relevant points of this Protocol.
It is recommended that castings be done virtually. Also, that the tests and reading tests are carried out in a virtual way opting for remote work.
As for the costume tests should try to avoid or reduce the costume tests of the main moults and back-ups prior to filming, replacing it with a dossier with sizes, models, etc. Alternatively, measurements with adjustable mannequins or the availability of alternative sizes during the course of production and/or filming are recommended. During the costume test, actors, actresses, dancers and/or dancers should be cited in a staggered manner. Each member’s costume of the Artistic Team must be correctly identified and isolated from the wardrobe of the rest of his colleagues. It must be individually and correctly disinfected before and after each use.
During recording and/or filming, ensure that elements of scenery, decoration, props and attrezzo that come into contact with the technical team and the Artistic team will be disinfected before and after each scene, take, films, etc.
Use of cover at all times; only actors and actresses on stage will be exempt. For projects requiring scenes with actors and actresses who should play characters with physical contact, an Rt-PCR test for SARS-Cov-2 should be performed for nasopharyngeal swab within 24 hours and repeated within 15 days, if the same acting situation is repeated.
For filming or recording, the minimum possible endowment will be maintained on the set, channel or location during the setting and shooting of the scene or broadcast or recording of the programs.

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