translated from Spanish: Dolores Etchevehere said her brother threatened to take her out «with a duck»

Dolores Etchevehere demonstrated publicly after a day laden with tension in the Intersteen countryside that ceded to Juan Grabois to form the Artigas Project, where his brother Luis Miguel Etchevehere sent field patrons to intimidate them and leave the site.

«He announced that tomorrow he will come with a ducky to take me and my Fellow Artigas Project from my house,» said Dolores, an enmity and in a conflict over her hereditary rights with her siblings. The only woman of four siblings claimed that the intention of the former Minister of Agriculture is to «twist the will of the guarantee judge and also that of the prosecutor, who claimed that there was no violence here, so there was no usurpation here either.»

The disputed land is a camp that Dolores Etchevehere claims is due to her inheritance after her father’s death, where she denounces the contraptions carried out by her brothers to strip her of her right. The woman lamented that Louis Etchevehere «uses lies and deceptions, which are heard by some» and noted that on Tuesday men linked to his brother went to «threaten» their children. 

Thus prepares the duck duck, the phyllo-Nazi Schneider and the friends of Etchevehere. Lying, paying, inviting black people to be killed. We and we are not afraid. With the truth, rightly, short or long, we’re going to win. @ProyectoArtigas — Juan Grabois (@JuanGrabois)
October 21, 2020

In conversations broadcast by Juan Grabois, you hear how the people sent by Luis Miguel Etchevehere talk about more than one who gets out of the pod for being armed and sending some handsome guy wanting to hit one of these we hate so much.

Original source in Spanish

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