translated from Spanish: Jaime Vadell: “It happened to me with TV just like with cigarettes: I cut it and didn’t miss it”

More than four years ago Jaime Vadell received a call from Rodrigo Bastidas. “Jaime, can I think of writing an old man’s play, are you interested?” he said, to what Vadell immediately accepted. “That’s how we started writing, he more than I did the truth, maybe I just cooperated on the old part,” the actor and theatre director recalls with laughter. This is how in 2016 “Old Shit” was released, one of the most successful plays, breaking the audience record in the last 50 years. The play hopes to do its own once again with its streaming on October 31st. I think we have two qualities, the first is that the text is very funny and has a lot of validity: there are the same problems of the old with the family, with the children, with health… So a lot of people feel identified with that and young people are also interested. I guess you liked the experience. Yes, it was a gift from fate. Imagine at this moment in your life meeting this jewel. It’s a weird offer. It’s not every day you make a play with 4 years of success. And with only 3 people. Other works that have lasted a long time are “La Pergola de las Flores” and “La Negra Ester”, both with 40 actors on stage. Work has been carried out with fewer and fewer people… Yes, for saving money because (laughs). The theater has begun to lose social presence, so it has shreded. You have a very wide career, are there any favorite characters? No, maybe one I did many years ago, in which I was an old peasant in a work by Antonio Acevedo Hernández. That’s a nice memory I have. I like my career together. How was quarantine? The old men were barred from leaving. Going to the supermarket was like a ride to Disneyland. Maybe I’ve read enough in lockdown. I’ve seen good movies, like what? I’ve seen Iranian movies, from Algerian films, some that don’t come here for any reason and are magnificent. Now that I remember there’s an Iranian film called “The Turtles Fly Too,” it’s a remarkable film. I don’t know how these movies get caught the truth, because a granddaughter of mine sent me a list. There are some really spectacular ones like “Rocco and his Brothers”, a film by Luchino Visconti. I saw again “Valparaiso mi amor” and “Los Testigos”, very good Chilean films. I don’t know why Chileans have some distance from Chilean cinema. I’ve ever heard you’re not very TV or Netflix… It’s just that Netflix is very bad. I watch all the movies from the computer. And I don’t know why I stopped liking TV. Morning old, maybe. I was super good viewer. What happened to me with television is the same as with the cigarette: all of a sudden I cut ties and didn’t miss it.

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