translated from Spanish: Man threatens to kill Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Maryland.- A Maryland man «annoyed by the political situation» was accused by federal authorities of threatening to kidnap «Grandpa Biden» (Joe Biden) and rape his co-star, Senator Kamala Harris, and then kill them both, according to a Wednesday report. James Dale Reed, 42, allegedly dropped a letter detailing threats on the roof of a house with Biden/Harris campaign posters in Frederick on October 4, the Baltimore Sun reported.
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We have a list of homes and addresses next to your election posters. We’re the ones with those scary guns, we’re the ones with their kids having nightmares. The men in the sack come at night, Reed wrote, according to court documents.

He was seen by a security camera leaving the house. Reed admitted writing the letter when he was interviewed after being arrested by local police last week. He was detained without bail.

The letter where the man threatens Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

Prosecutors said he didn’t know the owner of the house and planned to leave the letter at the first house he arrived in his hometown with campaign posters for former Vice President Joe Biden.He told prosecutors he was «upset about the political situation» and explained that «this will happen … because of the political climate.» Maryland federal prosecutor Robert Hur said he takes these threats «extremely seriously.» Conduct like this that threatens leading candidates and fellow citizens only undermines our democracy and the principles on which america was founded.»

The man has already been identified by local media. Twitter

We will not tolerate threatening behavior that seeks to intimidate, harass, or deter Americans from exercising their right to vote, he said in a statement.

The incident comes just weeks after the feds destroyed militia groups’ plans to kidnap Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Original source in Spanish

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