translated from Spanish: AMLO celebrates Mexico Day in La Mañanera

Mexico City.- The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), celebrated during La Mañanera a recognition of the doctors and doctors of Mexico today October 23, the day that is commemorated the Day of the Doctor in the country. AMLO recognized the work that all doctors in Mexico have done during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, which causes Covid-19, who, despite the hard work of the health emergency, in coordination with nurses and nurses and other health personnel, have worked night and day to treat patients.
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He is still in hospitals working, despite fatigue, and they continue to save many lives, AMLO said in La Mañanera.

President López Obrador reported during his morning conference that his government signed a decree legally establishing October 23 as Doctor’s Day, nurses and nurses, health workers.
We dedicated this Mexico Day ceremony to them and a decree was signed to legally establish this day as Doctor’s Day, nurses and nurses, health workers,» Andrés Manuel said.

On the other hand, the representative recalled that an agreement was signed with private hospitals so that they also received coronavirus-infected patients and could be cared for at their facilities, so as to avoid the saturation of health care facilities. In addition, he thanked all the doctors who were present at the morning conference for the work they have done during the pandemic, especially for the lives that have been saved thanks to the care given to Mexicans.
My broad and fraternal recognition of all doctors, especially those who have been saved lives in this pandemic, so I am pleased to have you in this act,» he said.

The Government of Mexico gave different awards to Mexican doctors, nurses and chemists who have stood out for their contributions to the health sector in the country. In Mexico, doctors have been celebrated since October 23, 1833, a date that coincides with the founding of the Establishment of Medical Sciences decreed by President Valentín Gómez Farías.However, it was not until 104 years later, in 1937 during the Convention of Confederate Medical Unions of the Republic, which was established that October 23rd would be celebrated on Doctor’s Day.

Original source in Spanish

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