translated from Spanish: Minsal Epidemiological Report counts 18,690 covid-19 deaths in Chile, among confirmed and probable cases

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 18,690 would be the deceased, among confirmed and probable cases, by Covid-19 in Chile. This according to the 19th Weekly Death Report published by the Minsal and which, as of Thursday, October 22, recorded 13,892 deaths with confirmed PCR examination. On the other hand, probable deceased, i.e. waiting for confirmation or discarding of coronavirus infection, are 4,798.
According to the report prepared by the Department of Statistics and Information (DEIS) of the Ministry of Health, the Metropolitan remains the region with the highest adjusted mortality rate per 100,000 inhabitants, of 105.18. It is followed by Antofagasta (94.06) and Tarapacá (66.84).
The lowest-rate regions are Aysén (4.60) and Los Ríos (7.43), followed by Los Lagos (15.90), La Araucanía (17.02) and Uble (18.61).
The Minsal also made available Epidemiological Report No. 62, Chile has reported that as of 16 October Chile accumulated 567,572 cases of Covid-19 (500,542 with laboratory confirmation and 67,030 probable, without laboratory confirmation), with a rate of 2,834.7 infected per 100,000 inhabitants. (Today, in the daily report of the pandemic, the portfolio led by Dr. Enrique Paris, said Chile only reached 500,542 contagions.)
The highest cumulative incidence rates per 100,000 inhabitants, according to laboratory-confirmed cases, are found in Magellan (7057.6), the Metropolitan Region (4070.1) and Arica and Parinacota (3850.7).
In addition, it is shown that of the total number of deaths confirmed, 3,619 did not lose their lives being hospitalized. This is 25.4% of the pastures. With these figures, coronavirus is the leading cause of death so far in 2020 in Chile.
It is also seen that of the fatalities, 57.5% are male and the remaining 42.5% female. And the age range where there are more deaths in men is between 70 and 79 years, while in women it is between 80 and more.
You can check both reports here.

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