translated from Spanish: Santilli announced news about the reactivation of the classes

Deputy Director of Government Diego Santilli announced that from Monday a plan will be made for preschoolers, first graders and first year of high school to return to the classroom as part of a relinking process with the school and its peers. In dialogue with Radio Mitre, he stated that the idea is «to complete what we already did with seventh grade and fifth year».  The measure is part of the new phase of openings and flexibilities announced by the Port Government team on Friday as part of the reactivation plan after coronavirus isolation. In the interview, Santilli defended the move taken 15 days ago for seventh- and fifth-year students to complete their schooling cycle in person so that they could relink with their educational institutions and peers. «Now, we will do it with those who begin their 90s cycles,» he said. In the case of rooms of 5, schools will gradually open on Monday with groups of up to 10 people and favor outdoor activities. For its part, the first and first year reactivation will be implemented from November 2, also outdoors and in groups of no more than 10 people. He also confirmed that there will be support activities on Saturdays in 100 schools for elementary and secondary students who need it. «This will continue gradually until the end of the year so that all boys can have some connection to the school,» Santilli said, «As planned, the vice-chief confirmed that the school cycle ends on December 15, although he did not miss adding more school support tasks during the summer of 2021.

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