translated from Spanish: Why Poncho Herrera and Dulce María won’t be on the RBD show

After many prayers from his fans, RBD will hold a reunion on stage. It will be the next December 26th when the live streaming show “Be or Look” is held. However, to the surprise of many in this concert will only be Anahí, Maite Perroni, Christian Chavez and Christopher Uckermann. As far as singers and actors Poncho Herrera and Dulce María are concerned, they will not be part of this tribute to the RBD generation for various reasons. Rumors arose that Anahí would have been to blame for Dulce María and Poncho Herrera decided not to be part of RBD’s reunion. In a recent interview for the hoy program, the wife of politician Manuel Velasco commented: “We are happy, we are very excited because things began to happen like this, just so, in a way that I think are the cutest things in life, when they happen in a natural way.” He also explained how the plans for this live streaming show began:
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When this whole pandemic thing unfortunately began, we started talking about the six of us and talking about being able to do something together, we all brought like that emotion, that illusion of being able to do something special together, at first there were the six of us.

“We were invited by Guillermo Rosas, who is our producer and right now it is the one who is creating all this great event, first he spoke with, I do not remember with whom, I think I was the penultimate or the last one in which I was invited and (they said to me) ‘hey, tomorrow we met in zoom to talk’, we talked, we all very excited, Guillermo told us this idea that seemed something very nice to him because to do a single concert , once in a lifetime, and the truth is that I was very excited from the out of the outing because for my RBD it has a place in my untouchable heart,” Anahí said.

The youth group RBD emerged in the telenovela “Rebelde” (which aired between October 2004 and June 2006). Photo: Agencia México

Also the singer and actress was blunt and denied being the cause of Poncho Herrera and Dulce María, abandoning the RBD reunion project.
Maite, Christopher, Christian, they’re not going to let me lie, we’d have loved to be together. Poncho decided not to participate, but then Sweet Mary told us that she preferred not to participate.

Sweet Mary explained her reasons for not being part of the RBD reunion
Dulce María held an Instagram Live earlier this October, where she explained his reasons why he will not be in the rbD reunion. “I would obviously love to be there physically, but as you know, because I’m very pregnant, out there you can see my belly growing more and more every day. Of course we would all like and that’s what we’ve always been asked and dreamed of, a reunion with the six, because obviously, that’s the five years we’ve been together, but really, it’s hard to bring together six people who are in different situations, and I think this is a great achievement, the one that’s going to do this great project right now.”
Right now I can’t be a part of it, being very, very honest with me and everyone else, I can’t commit to being at 100 percent, because as everyone knows I’m pregnant, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, so far they haven’t given a date for a vaccine, of something that gives us as a green light to say, ‘Well, ok.’

Sweet Mary, who is in the final stage of her first pregnancy, mentioned that: “You really have to keep taking care of us, as childbirth approaches, the women who have been pregnant will know, there are more nerves, there are more worries, it is always a risk and of course I ask very much to God that everything goes well, but it really is that, my head is in getting to sleep well , to get to eat well, try to be as good as possible and as healthy as possible, physically and mentally so that my baby grows healthy.”

Original source in Spanish

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