translated from Spanish: A young man was murdered in Viceroy del Pino while trying to steal his car.

Sergio Gerez, 29, was shot dead when at least three criminals tried to steal his car in the Bonaerense town of Vicerey del Pino.As reported by police sources, the event occurred this Sunday around 8.00 on Calle Cañada de Gómez 3440, between Coraceros y Frías, of the aforementioned party area of La Matanza.La victim , who worked as a co-driver on line 106, was driving a black Volkswagen Fox vehicle when it was crossed by three assailants walking down the middle of the street. The young man did not brake and tried to speed up to prevent theft, but the subjects fired at him and at least two bullets broke the car glass and hit him in the chest. When troops from Viceroy del Pino police station and medical staff by ambulance arrived at the site, Gerez was already dead.
Witnesses who witnessed the crime also said that the criminals, once they killed the young man, came to steal something from inside the car, after taking Gerez.De’s body out of the vehicle according to images recorded by a camera that was on site and already in the hands of the police, the criminals escaped in the direction of the La Foresta neighborhood , located very close to where the event occurred. The case involves the functional instructional unit (UFI), thematic of Homicide of La Matanza, by Federico Medone, who ordered a series of operatives to find those responsible for Gerez’s murder.

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