translated from Spanish: Morena Rial spoke of her father’s wife: “It’s worse than Agustina Kompfer”

Morena Rial expressed her anger on social media by blocking her father, Jorge Rial and his current wife, nutritionist Romina Pereiro. 

In an interview with half-city magazine, he talked about his relationship with his father’s new family and why he decided to take distance. Front and without filter as it is usually the young woman replied to the medium: “The truth is that I would not answer anything because they are family problems. But falsehood is not my thing,” he said and told the ins and out of bad relationship. “My dad’s changed a lot since he started dating Romina. She says her priority is Rocío, Fran and I, and she always puts her and her daughters before us, that right or wrong we always bank for everything. It’s not nice to get rejection from your own family, let alone people having two faces, because for networks it’s one and for life another,” Morena said. And he recounted a one-off fact that happened for his father’s birthday: “My dad’s birthday day (Romina) made his life impossible. I hadn’t raised poles or anything, they suspended the meeting and everything. With my sister we had arranged something for him in my house so that at least my dad could celebrate it for a little while with us. But when she finished her whim and decided that her anger was over, she organized everything again and climbed her post as if they were the happiest in the world. And we were invited again even though we had everything organized on the other hand,” she explained. 

He also narrated another fact that adds to the tight relationship he already has with Romina and her father: “Another clear example is that Mother’s Day my dad always prioritized romina and her family. If my sister hadn’t brought it up, I would never have been invited to celebrate. And that same day I didn’t get a single message from Romina Pereiro. And she’s less of me, because I don’t like masks. My dad knows what he’s doing, he’s a big man, and I want him to be happy with his fantasy family.”

Finally he made clear what he thinks and was forceful in graphing how lousy his relationship with Pereiro is: “Romina is worse than Agustina K’mpfer, they go head to head, but Romina beats him. I’m tired of shutting my mouth! I’ve been through the last few years!”

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