translated from Spanish: President Piñera acknowledged the triumph of The Apruebo and said: «This is a triumph of all Chileans»

When the Apruebo option takes advantage over the fate of changing the country’s Constitution or not, President Sebastian Piñera assumed the triumph of that option, and highlighted how the day unfolded. «Today, citizenship and democracy and peace have triumphed over violence,» the representative said. «Today everyone’s voice has been heard with the same force and every vote has had the same value. Today, citizenship and democracy, and peace over violence, triumphed,» he said, alongside his cabinet in La Moneda. «Today we have demonstrated again the peaceful and participatory democratic nature of Chileans. This is a triumph of all Chileans who love democracy and peace, and who must fill us with hope,» the Representative said, On the triumph of the Apruebo, the head of state said that we must seek a new Constitution «that gathers the values and principles of our society; democratic and republican traditions; and the aspirations of all our citizens.» This plebiscite is the beginning of a path that we will all have to go down to agree on a new Constitution for Chile. So far the Constitution has divided us, from today we must all work together to make the new Construction the great framework of unity, stability and the future,» the President said. In conclusion, the head of state said «I want to ask everyone to return peacefully to their homes, take care of their health, respect health standards, and condemn violence (…) I also call on unity to address the challenges of the future.»

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