translated from Spanish: Vidal: Heraldo Muñoz announces that he will be a presidential candidate of the PPD and asks for “open primaries”

Francisco Vidal was given competence, as on Monday, PPD President Heraldo Muñoz announced that he will be a candidate for the presidency of the Republic.
“I have indeed made the decision to run for the presidency of the Republic for my party and hopefully from the center left,” he said in an interview with EmolTV.
In this line, Muñoz hopes “that this will be defined in some primary with the idea of listening to people, of listening to their demands rather than an approach of me I am a candidate, rather see how I can face the aspirations of so many people, particularly lower middle class, of the most vulnerable sectors, being by the way, my interest in eventually representing the whole country. But from a very clear middle-class perspective.”
Muñoz, although he advanced his candidacy this Monday, he announced that it will formally be released on Wednesday, the day on which it will be issued “on the foundations of my application. I think it’s very good for others to compete, it’s part of democracy, and for Francisco Vidal to do it seems to me to be in his right. And if there are others, welcome, let a thousand flowers bloom. This is a moment when democracy is snevering, when there are different looks, perspectives, I am optimistic about the future and about the diverse nominations and debate that there is about a preferred country, a country of the future that we all need.”
Due to the number of people interested, Muñoz called “to make the method through open primaries with citizen participation. But I’m going to be very respectful of my party’s decision in case a poll is decided, or that it is eventually the National Council itself that according to the bylaws is the one that must nominate a presidential candidate. Any of those alternatives I will respect, but my choice is an open primary.”

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