translated from Spanish: In dress Maribel Guardia teaches that there is no fat

Maribel Guardia, 61, left her millions of fans open-mouthed, saying goodbye to the look with which she was compared to Alejandra Guzmán to return to her long mane with which she has always made hen in show business, but she did so in a striking gold dress. In the photo which was uploaded a few minutes ago, Maribel Guardia appears recharged on stairs accompanied by her pet and posing most flirtatiously for the photo where her golden dress with very striking print, unleashed the madness, besides having no grsasa on her body in case there were little TV star shoes gave much to talk about.
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And it is that as we all know Maribel Guardia loves to look beautiful in her photos, where she wears the best outfits which leave everyone with their mouths open, because in addition to looking amazing in the physique of the singer originally from Costa Rica, they also attract attention for how exotic they are, since the artist likes to be the center of attention when it comes to modeling on social networks.

«God bless your new dawn, and I gave you Health, Love and Strength of the Spirit so that you go out with an attitude of looking for what you need in your life,» Maribel Guardia wrote in her photo which reached more than ten thousand, plus several comments of all kinds, where they let Maribel Guardia know that she looks too pretty in the golden dress very according to the season.
«What a beautifulness always leaves us speechless your beauty May you have a nice day! She loves her very much Kris and Dali», «Wooooooo spectacular photography of my Maribel the best star in the universe», «Simply Bellisima. Have a good day Tuesday Blessings», «I have the answer, she sleeps is a Chamber where she makes her back in years, so I give her candle every night to be as she is, haha is too amazing. I love her,» Maribel Guardia was written.

But like every celebrity Maribel Guardia also has haters, so many claim that she does not have a body to as seen in her photos, but to her fate Maribel Guardia appears almost always every day in the today program, where you can see a well-worked figure that more than one person envies him, because they have let him know on networks.

Maribel Guardia with tremendous body in her golden/Instagram dress

Although few believe it Maribel Guardia has had too much to have that figure, as there was a time in her life when Maribel Guardia thought she would never manage to have the body that she has today, since after her first pregnancy she realized that her physique changed too much, so she was quite discouraged.
«When I had Julian one day I was breastfeeding him and he had a mirror in front of me and I look in the mirror and I start crying and I said ‘this is never going to recover in life, my stomach was like three strips dropped in shape like this, they fell to the ground and I would say ‘it’s this stomach…», said Maribel Guardia.

Another of the photos where Maribel Guardia is classified as a goddess, is when we see her with leggings or with palazzos, because in one she looks very flirty showing off the body that has been talked about for a long time, while in another she appears that in others she looks like a true beauty queen. It should be mentioned that for many Maribel Guardia has the potion of eternal youth, as they are surprised that the artist far from looking like an older woman looks like one of forty so she has earned the admiration of fans and colleagues.

Original source in Spanish

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