translated from Spanish: Monckeberg recalled criticisms made by the opposition before the plebiscite: “As there was high participation they remained silent”

This day the Minister of the Segpres, Christian Monckeberg, recalled that the opposition pointed out that if there was low participation of citizenship in the plebiscite it would be the fault of the Government, and he asserted that “as there was high participation they remained silent”. In a conversation with Radio Universe, the secretary of state stated that “it was said that if there was low participation it would be the fault of the government and because there was high participation they were silent. I interpret that silence as congratulations, that the opposition throws me a kiss or makes me a love is difficult, but the silence gives, it means that there was a reasonable participation and we had a lot to do with it, because from day on one we were very intense in that and we considered it to be “In our opinion it got along well , there is a balance that must be applauded, especially in the participation of young people. Inside La Moneda it is obviously that some may have believed that there could be greater support in the rejection option, but we have to turn the page simply, the citizenship was clear and from that we have to start building the challenge that is coming,” he added. The holder of the Segpres also referred to the authorities who could resign from office to be an option in the Constitutional Convention and asserted that “it is a good sign of wanting to participate, of wanting to be (…) together with Jaime Bellolio we have done this work of talking, raising and collecting the opinions of the authorities who feel like it and that is very legitimate, and you have to coordinate it, because one cannot go out overnight I leave.” The doors are open if that decision is made, because it is complex if you are a candidate (…) these are decisions that have to be made, in November we have the first deadline for those who want to be parliamentarians and already in January those who go to the constituent. Now they can’t all leave because the government has to keep working,” he said.

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