translated from Spanish: Benito Baranda confirmed his intention to be a constituent: “We have put together a movement that has been adding more and more people”

The director of America Solidarity and former leader of the Home of Christ, Benito Baranda, raised a series of ideas about the current social context and confirmed his intention to raise candidates for the Constituent Convention with the group “Non-Neutral Independents”. The space adds to names such as Andrea Repetto and Juan Pablo Hermosilla.” We have put together a movement that has been adding more and more people,” he said, adding that they hope to join the wording of the Constitution. “We’re going to pick out the people we think can gather the signatures and contribute.” In an interview with El Mercurio, Baranda was consulted on his approaches to the people who were arrested during the demonstrations, specifically in order to promote his release. “In this process of dialogue that we are carrying out, these people can also give us a long list of violent actions that they have taken. It was my turn to sit one morning in Plaza Italia and there was a person who had passed from a young time through several centers of the Sename. He had been giving the battle all night in Plaza Italia,” he said. Asked about the burning of churches, he responded on the basis of religion. “If you read the gospel of sunday, the day we vote, there it is. There is talk of forgiveness and love for the enemy. That’s what you have to see about how to put it into practice.” On violence, Baranda insisted that it does not justify violence, ensuring that during protests in Chile “99 percent of the citizens who participate in mobilizations and protests do not participate in violence.”

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