translated from Spanish: CCU to invest US$57 million in Argentina’s Lujan Brewery

The company CCU announced on Wednesday a million dollar investment of US$57 million in the Luján Brewery of Argentina, located in the province of Buenos Aires.
According to Emol, this investment will double the production capacity of this brewery in the medium term, generating more than 40 direct and 500 indirect jobs.
At the event was present the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, who was received at the brewery by the general manager of CCU S.A., Patricio Jottar, and the general manager of CCU Argentina, Fernando Sanchis.
Jottar stressed that “during this time we have invested more than US$800 million to grow the country. The contribution of CCU in Argentina goes beyond the products that are born in its factories. We seek to be an active partner in the development of the country and its people.”
For his part, President Fernández noted that “I am very happy to see Chilean brothers who trust Argentina, invest and give work. It is time for us to understand once and for all that we must work together, the state and those who invest and we must all commit ourselves to that effort, put 100% of our energy into that.”
Meanwhile, Fernando Sanchis said that “beyond the complexity of the context that the country is going through, this investment is proof of the commitment with which CCU and its shareholders look at Argentina”.
“We are committed to this country and here we are going to stay, so we have the vision to double the size of this brewery to competitively supply the Argentine market, and at the same time generate export opportunities to the various markets in which the company is present,” he added.
With this investment, the brewing company will be able to pack more than 200 cans per minute. In addition, its facilities will include solar panels and equipment chosen especially for their low environmental impact.

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