translated from Spanish: College of Teachers after ministers of Minister Figueroa for not participating in advisory council: “We have not refused”

The president of the College of Teachers, Mario Aguilar, addressed the statements of the Minister of Education, Raúl Figueroa, who ensures that the organization did not want to be part of the advisory board that analyzes the safe return to classes. Aguilar stated that “I regret the statements of the Minister of Education. I want to explain how the facts actually went. The minister called me a few days ago to ask me what our willingness to participate in such an instance was. I pointed out that we were available wherever we were all involved,” for the organization, such availability consists of the participation of students, enpowered and assistants in education. The guild leader explained that “the minister has not considered these instances (…) We find that inappropriate, and reflects little willingness to dialogue. A decision cannot be imposed.” We haven’t refused. What we have requested is that we have a real participation, wherever the people who are involved in the return to classes are,” he added. Finally, Aguilar noted that “people have no confidence. We need to create the conditions for a safe return, with no risk to the health of these people (…) I call on the minister, the government, to rectify this mistake they are making”

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