translated from Spanish: Filo, explains Diego Maradona: a 60-year-old legend

What about Maradona that is not already known by heart? It is part of Argentine history and world football. We all know part of his life, remember a goal or use his phrases as part of our everyday vocabulary. We know that his dream was to play a World Cup, that his legs were cut off, that he has a complex relationship with drugs, that he was wrong and paid, that he claims to be a chavista, that he can fight to the death with those he used to claim to love and who has great offspring. Maradona embodies much of the national fantasy and is perhaps the most extreme example of how contradictory human beings can be. In this new edition of Filo, he explains, Lalo Mir discusses the figure of Diego Armando Maradona, the living myth, the god of some, the rebel, the controversial, that of memorable and violent phrases.

Diego Maradona retired from his professional football career in 1997, 23 years ago. Many of his current fans only saw him play in YouTube videos.But Maradona continues to generate extreme passions no matter the passage of time. Where Maradona goes, everything is revolutionized and its mere presence modifies time and space. However, Diego just wanted to play ball so he could buy his mom and dad a nice house and leave his humble neighborhood. But, to achieve this, with Diego it was not enough, and he needed Maradona, the ankle, the goal to the English, that of the hand of God, the rebel, the controversial, that of the memorable and violent phrases. Thanks to Maradona, Diego, who wanted to leave Fiorito and help his family, achieved his dream. You can already see the new installment of Filo, explain by clicking here.

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