translated from Spanish: From the Sifup they criticized Colo’s decision by Zaldivia: “It is illegal and reprehensible”

The Inter-Business Trade Union of Professional Footballers (Sifup) issued on this day a statement to refer to the issue that complicates Matías Zaldivia, after Black and White sent the defender to process his license so that Isapre will take over his salary while he is in recovery. With this determination, the zaguero will no longer receive more than 15 million pesos per month. If you earn approximately $18 million per month, the Argentine will now receive $2.1 million every 30 days, the maximum amount covered by isapres by law. In the face of this, the guild chaired by Gamadiel García accused the ‘Cacique’ concessionaire of using a “contraption” by changing its procedure for injured players. Remember that Zaldivia suffered on September 19 the cut of the Achilles tendon, so he will be almost a year off the court. For Sifup, Black and White generated with the measure for the central “a worrying confusion of legal concepts and obligations that must be fulfilled by every employer club.” Again and in agreement with Matías Zaldivia and his representative, the Union will once again exercise its role before the specialized bodies, since it is totally illegal and reprehensible the public retaliation expressed by the concessionaire, in an unreleased decision in the history of the club and we also believe in Chilean football”, they add. The Sifup even noted that Black and White admitted that “in retaliation to this guild’s request for control against it, as part of its incorrect application of the Employment Protection Act (LPE), it will no longer be responsible for the remuneration of the injured Zaldivia.” This, even though historically he has done so with all his players. At the beginning of September, the Labour Directorate notified the reports of the audits requested by Sifup, fining Black and White for having found various violations of current legislation,” he says. In conclusion, the guild clarified that the concessionaire of the ‘popular’ cast argued this “unfortunate and arbitrary decision” after what happened to the young battering ram Ivan Morales.” This shameless and desponable statement by Black and White seeks only to confuse public opinion, because we must clarify that in the context of the audit requested from the Directorate of Labour, by the application of the Employment Protection Act, the Sifup in full fulfillment of its ends and as any Union in the world should do, it also denounced the total abandonment in which the athlete was left” , he argues.” Iván Morales had to find and pay for his own doctors and other professionals for rehabilitation, while he had to collect his benefits in the guarantee insurance. If Black and White was taking over his injury, he should never have stop granting him the appropriate rehabilitation, let alone send him to the AFC. In turn, the Labour Directorate, in its audit report, found that the concessionaire also failed to comply with its legal obligation to give timely notice of the accident to the respective management body,” she says.

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