translated from Spanish: Honourable MP Hugo Gutierrez

Occasionally, in the Chilean society in which we live, characters appear that produce intense reactions and this is one of those cases, but the fact is that these reactions are, to me, tremendously negative.
This gentleman is all I think is wrong in politics. Prepotent, superb, abusive, violent and, to top it all off, communist, the political ideology that is in the antithesis of everything I believe as a political and society model.
If this gentleman could, he would have full control of the means of production, we would all be his employees, certainly poorer, without freedom of expression, of press, of meeting, of religion, not even of thought, he would also own the weapons, that is, we would live a left-wing dictatorship, as in Cuba or Venezuela, dictatorships that this gentleman admires without a slum.
Let us recall that the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and former President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, recently presented a report on Venezuela that established “violations of freedom of expression and the right to information, detention of political leaders, journalists, trade unionists, health professionals, people protesting public services, as well as attacks and obstruction of the work of parliamentarians of the National Assembly”. If this is not a dictatorship, explain to me, dear reader, what it is about. And don’t forget, Mr. Gutierrez is a fan of this system of government.
But he also dares to denote one of the most respected institutions in the country. The Navy has 60% approval, according to the Cadem survey in the second week of October, the same survey in which a political character assessment is made, where the honourable one does not even appear.
I assume that more than some complaint will fall for its unacceptable way of treating the institution and textual quote: “I always tell the truths about this group of genocides that is called the Chilean Navy, which of Chilean has nothing. It should be the Vitacura Navy, because they don’t have any Chileans. Those are really total antipatriotes, they’ve sold us miserably throughout history all the time and killed the town at gun range. That Navy is an illicit terrorist association, which at some point would have to be dissolved, because this Navy has really killed more Chileans than in the wars they have faced.”
Not in accordance with the above, his creative mind found nothing better than accusing the Navy, in response to a video released by the Navy, for his staff and through a public statement, of “putting virtually a price on his head, as evidenced by the threats received.” Where will the Member’s logic be? Very uns serious to accuse a state institution of persecution. It would have to be more specific and show those threats and prove that they come from the Navy. Accusations of volge have little value, don’t you think?
I believe that very few citizens will agree with this unacceptable diatribe, which deserves the repudiation of all. The Ministry of Defence, through its owner, Mario Desbordes, has been clear in rejecting these claims and has announced legal action if necessary. Gutierrez did not take time to respond that this statement “is due to pressure from the top command of the Navy, forcing a minister who had obtained an image of a Democrat, to put a protective shield on a highly questioned institution in our country.” In the same tenor, Navy Commander-in-Chief Julio Leiva announced the study of all legal actions deemed relevant, in the face of these eerous and unfounded attacks, and many of us are waiting for the Council for the Defense of the State (CDE) to manifest itself.
It is already good that this gentleman is disarmed and removed from Congress, so that he ceases to be armed with his parliamentary shield, which allows him to abuse a patrol that wanted to control him, in the midst of a pandemic, with all the adherence to the law that corresponds, the same one he uses to celebrate the assassination of the President of the Republic , through children’s drawings.
I, at least, am tired of your abuses of power. He says and does what he wants, at the expense of all those of us who pay our taxes. Stop it, Mr. Gutierrez, stop it!

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