translated from Spanish: If it’s all the federation’s fault, why do we want governor in Michoacán?: Yeyo Pimentel

Morelia, Michoacán- A bloc of state councillors from the Morena party led by former state leader Sergio Pimentel Mendoza reported that the Federalist Alliance is lying about the accusations made against the federal government about the budget reduction they will receive in 2021 and the financial complications this would cause the entity.
“In reassignment agreements, after Jalisco, Michoacán was the most benefited state in 2020 at the federal level. Why are you lying? He also said, worst of all, the Federal Government will reduce the state budget by seven billion. It’s not true either. By 2021, there is a budget proposal, but it has not yet been discussed,” said the former morena state leader at a press conference.
He said that “the state government wants to hold the federation accountable for its failures” and the annoyance of Governor Silvano Aureoles Conejo stems from the executive branch already being delivered without intermediaries.
He also said that “the government of Michoacán hides bad financial management”, because in 2019, of the 70 billion pesos entered in the State Treasury, 65 thousand 727 million were of federal origin, that is, the government of Michoacán does not raise enough to meet the needs of its citizens.
That is why Sergio Pimentel and the directors of Morena called for the state government to put to a vote with citizens if they agree that there will be a formal break with the federation.
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“We want the citizen consultation to be done and also wonder if the population wants its governor, because I ask. if it’s all the fault of the president of the Republic, why do we want governor?” he concluded.

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