translated from Spanish: More than 1300 Carabineros officials and 48 from the POI would have received the Middle Class Bonus

The Internal Revenue Service (SII) gave the Public Prosecutor’s Office the list of public officials who accessed the Middle Class Bonus without meeting the requirements.
The list includes 1,370 Carabineros officials and 48 Investigation Police (POIs), the Third. 
In that regard, the media noted that civilians working at the institution indicated that outside their working hours, they were carrying out work elsewhere, the income of which would no longer be received as a product of the covid-19 pandemic.
With regard to IPO officials, the institution reported that it “will take the most drastic measures, considering that staff were never affected by their remuneration and that they were aware of the administrative implications in the event of requesting it”.
It wasn’t just in the cops that this situation happened. Yesterday, the Supreme Court plenary ordered administrative summaries from 230 officials in the country, who would have received irregularly the Middle Class Bonus, corresponding to $500,000 pesos.
In addition, the President of the Constitutional Court (TC), María Luisa Brahm instructed a summary investigation against two officials of the body, because they would have applied for and received the benefit, even though they did not meet the requirements.

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