translated from Spanish: Paris referred to Piñera’s sayings about the pandemic in the country: “He conveyed that vision that things are going well”

The Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, addressed president Sebastián Piñera’s statements on the “control” of the pandemic in the country. The representative said in an interview with Canal 13 that “Chile today is obviously suffering, but we have managed to control the pandemic and have had results that are recognized around the world”. In this context, Paris explained that “what the President said on Monday is that the number of cases has been declining and that is evident, we are seeing it every day, yesterday we had for the first time less than a thousand cases, today we have 1,004 cases, the number of active patients is under 9 thousand, 8,500 and so many. So what we’re seeing is that we’re in a state of endemicity, of maintaining viral circulation, but not the figures we had before.” In addition, the holder of the portfolio noted that “I believe that the President conveyed that view that things are going well, yet we have said to the point of exhaustion that there may be a regrowthe and as we are seeing in Europe and other countries of the world and obviously that we are prepared for that. We have started a very intensive strategy to acquire vaccines and soon we will have very positive news. On the other hand, we are converting a lot of beds to fix the waiting lists. It is an overview that the pandemic has allowed us to continue advancing on the issue of health””we have managed to control the spread of the virus, because we are in a stage of endemic, that is, it remains close to a thousand, I do not say that we will go down from a thousand (cases) we will be between a thousand and 1,500, suddenly we have climbed more , but we’re stable, we’re stabilized. There is no collapse in hospitals, no ICU occupation close to 90%, I said 34%, a very low PCR, and a really very low number of active patients, 8,000 patients, which allows us to give some peace of mind to the population and I think the protocols have worked very well,” he added. He finally addressed that the world press “highlighted among the four or five countries in the world that in a pandemic situation have managed to perform a Plebiscite and that was really an unpublished fact (…) The President obviously from one view is restless enough as ever with the pandemic, but on the other hand he recognizes that we are at a stage of some stability.”

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