translated from Spanish: The story of Cecilia the fan who died at a Menudo concert

The series that is on everyone’s backing these days tells the story of Menudo, Puerto Rico’s successful boy band that released Ricky Martin and Roby Draco Rosa to star staring among other figures. And while the series caused discomfort in the band members, they were more than 20 boys, as the staff used to renew as the boys grew or changed their voices. Undoubtedly the story of Cecilia Huamán, is the saddest part of the band. The 1993 Menudo Concerta on July 17, 1993 in Peru, Lima, at the Stadium of the Lawn Tennis Club, and hundreds of fans were overwhelmed with all their enthusiasm to see the band that at the time consisted of: Ricky López, Angelo García, Abel Talamantes, Ashley Ruiz and Adrián Olivares.

Among her thousands of followers was under the age of 15 Cecilia Huamán, who together with her friends had obtained their tickets by collecting soda lids plus 10 new suns. That was the only way to go to the presentation, since by the 1990s, the economic crisis had affected many Peruvian families and their parents could not afford the entry worth between $20 and $50. The stadium had capacity for 5,000 thousand people, but Menudo fans exceeded that amount, and despite suggestions of security protocols, the stadium was overcroighed by the capacity of qualified people. The presentation was given. At 7:50 p.m., the members of Menudo took the stage and chaos began. It had only been 20 minutes of the concert when a wave of people in the back began pushing in order to move forward and be able to see their idols closer. Unfortunately, in that attempt many girls were trapped against the containment bars of the stadium. 
One of them was Cecilia Huamán, who lacked air and was suffocated to death. Another 200 people were injured.

However, the recital took its course, and the band members knew the facts just as they came down from the stage that told them that one girl had died and that at least another 200 had been injured or semi-scared. The next day, Rosa Huamán López recognized the body of her younger sister who had promised her to return after the concert and never returned.

After the tragedy, Menudo created and dedicated a song to the teenage girl. The title of the song: “Thousand Angels”. In addition, he visited his tomb and through Edgardo Díaz, his representative, they kept in touch with his family.

Even when the band changed their name to MDO and during their reunions over the years they continued to perform a thousand angels dedicated to Cecilia. In a 2018 interview Angelo Garcia acknowledged that singing it now that they have their own families is even harder.

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