translated from Spanish: Why is 29 October WorldCV Day?

Every 29 October World Day is held to fight ACV, this date was set by the World Health Organization (WHO) to raise awareness and share information about this pathology that according to the statistics in our country happens a vascular cardio accident (ACV) every 4 minutes and causes, among other things: speech disorders; weakness in one arm; facial asymmetry; headache, loss of vision of one eye and difficulty walking. A stroke is an episode that occurs when blood flow to the brain is interrupted, and therefore the supply of oxygen and nutrients to it, according to Maxim Zimerman, head of the ACV Clinic and the Neurorehabilitation Clinic of the Institute of Cognitive Neurology.There are two types of ACV, one is the ischemic, which happens because it blocks an artery that carries blood to the brain. This can cause ischemia or stroke.

The other type of ACV is hemorrhagics, which occur when there is a vascular rupture and then ends in a brain haemorrhage. This type is usually more abrupt, has high mortality and requires, in some patients, immediate surgical treatment.
In front of a person who is believed to be suffering from it, one should: ask him to repeat a sentence; raise your arms and ask him to smile (to notice the symmetry of the face)

In 9 out of 10 cases, patients have some degree of disability after having had an ACV.Can an ACV be prevented, or at least reduced? 80% of ACV can be prevented. To avoid them, action should be taken on risk factors, improving lifestyle, with a balanced diet, regular physical activity and decreasing the use of harmful substances, such as tobacco and alcohol. In addition, we must raise public awareness of the importance of comprehensive blood pressure control, as well as blood sugar and lipids. 

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