translated from Spanish: Good end is not suspended despite a regrowthe, but there will be special measures

Despite the pandemic, El Buen Fin 2020 will not be suspended, which this year will last almost two weeks, from 9 to 20 November, with the aim of preventing covid-19 contagions and boosting economic recovery in the country.
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In press videoconference, the president of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco-Servytur) indicated that the tenth edition of the Good End is not at risk of being suspended because of the uptick in coronavirus cases.
“What could happen is that there were, according to the color of epidemiological traffic lights in some entities, greater restrictions on the capacity or schedules of commercial establishments, but not that they are suspended,” said José Manuel López Campos.
What will be the protective measures that businesses will have to implement for the Good Purpose?
Shopping and business centres must implement actions to ensure that the healthy distance, entry and egress controls of people with temperature intake on the forehead is respected, sanitization of the site and staff must use mouth covers and face protector appropriately.
Customers who do not wear or use it inappropriately will not be allowed access to customers who refuse to take the temperature on their forehead or have covid-19-compatible symptoms.
To avoid a large influx of people, they should promote online shopping with greater benefits in them, that customers who come to stores do so individually and without children, and facilitate a schedule for adults over 60 years of age.
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They will have to set maximum capacity of 30% for states with orange traffic lights and 50% in yellow.
In addition, they must have exclusive entrances and exits for customers; if you have a single access, it will be divided by physical barriers. The accesses will have disinfectant gel dispensers.
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