translated from Spanish: Intendente Guevara for possible demonstrations in Plaza Baquedano: I hope you will do so in peace

The mayor of the Metropolitan Region, Felipe Guevara, said he hopes that the possible demonstrations held tomorrow in Plaza Baquedano will be made “in peace”.
However, he said that “the human and material resource of the policemen will be available for tomorrow.”
He also reiterated that “the manifestation has nothing to do with violence, they are two totally different things.”
The mayor, in turn, spoke about the day of the plebiscite on 25 October. “Beyond the results of the plebiscite, we as Intendency made a call to fill in the ballot boxes. The Metropolitan Region was the region where there was the most electoral participation, 56% of the standard voted on Sunday in the RM. I hope that this process that begins will also enable the legitimate demands of citizens to be channeled.”
Regarding the decision of the Council of National Monuments not to move the statue of General Baquedano, which has been scratched on several occasions, he argued that “they are the competent authority to determine where it is installed, where a monument is removed or where a monument moves in the country and we respect the institutionality that guides us in this matter”.

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