translated from Spanish: President of Betis trusts that “Pellegrini will not be sanctioned”

Real Betis President Angel Haro stressed on Thursday that referees “do their best”, but insisted on Thursday that the VAR’s criteria must be “very clear” to avoid controversy, while expressing confidence that the Competition Committee will not finally sanction Manuel Pellegrini and Joel Robles for their comments following the defeat to Real Madrid.” I hope that over the course of a season the net result is that in some plays you will get hurt and in others benefited, but we do have a clear message. We understand that referees do their best, but that it is important that when using technology all the actors involved are very clear about the criteria that are taken at all times,” Haro noted during the presentation of ‘Forever Green’, the sustainability platform promoted by his club and in relation to the penalty sanctioned in the Classic and that it was not pointed out the week before by a similar move in the match of the Andalusian team and the Real.Sobre the file open to Chilean Manuel Pellegrini and archer Joel Robles for his comments on arbitration before Real Madrid, the leader stressed that they contributed “the allegations at the time” and that the investigating judge “shares the betis’ vision”. “We understand that it will be consistent with the Competition decision,” he said. Finally, asked by the European Super League, he clarified that it has “few elements” to value it, but that “any league that takes away the Spanish’s capacity is bad”. “As a club we belong to LaLiga we will fight because it is not. We are within an entertainment industry that we compete against other sports and other platforms, and if you take away added value you will be harmed,” he said.

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