translated from Spanish: Two men are taken to life outside a vulcanizer in Uruapan, Michoacán

home Security Two men are taken to life outside a vulcanizer in Uruapan, Michoacán

Uruapan, Michoacán.- Two men were shot dead on the outskirts of a vulcanizer that is on the Benito Juárez Causeway in the Neighborhood of San Miguel in this city of Uruapan; one of the victims was aboard a motorcycle, according to data provided by police sources to this medium.
The event was this Wednesday outside the vulcanizer “El Goero Valladares”, which is between Juan Delgado and Juan Ayala streets. Local paramedics arrived at the site and checked the victims, but they had already perished due to the severity of their injuries.
Public Security elements cordoned off the area in adherence to the chain of custody, while experts and investigating officers from the State Attorney General’s Office were in charge of the first indegations on the matter. The identity of the offended was not revealed by the police authorities.
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At the conclusion of the proceedings, the bodies were transferred to the Forensic Medical Service facility for the practice of the respective necropsies. At the moment the motive of the crime is ignored, but it is hoped that with the evidence gathered the matter will be clarified, sources close to the subject told this news agency.

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