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Winona Laura Horowitz is her birth name, but we all know her as and we see her performing since 1986 in her first role in lucas. But she rose to fame as a Gothic teenager and hermit in Tim Burton’s beetlejuice. 

From that film he stood working with hits and fiascos, but always in force. In the 1990s he had to turn down a role in The Godfather, for exhaustion. She was then summoned again by Francis Ford Coppola, to become Mina count Dracula’s girlfriend in «Dracula». And he repeated director with Tim Burton to star in «The Young Hand of Scissors» where in addition to good reviews he fell in love with Johnny Depp, and formed one of the cutest couples of the 90’s. 

During the courtship Depp tattooed the name of the actress «Winona Forever» (Winona forever) on her arm. But after 3 intense years of love, the separation came and modified it to «Wino Forever» (Drunk Forever).

Over time the actress has stated that Johnny Depp was undoubtedly the most momentous love of her life, and that at many times she thought of marrying him. In 1981, along with his family, he moved to Petaluma, California. In her first week at Kenilworth Middle School, she was beaten by a group of boys who thought she was an effeminate boy because of her short hair and angelic face. For this reason, he had to take classes at home, he was only 10 years old. On December 12, 2001, Winona was arrested for robbery in Beverly Hills, California, accused of taking $5500 worth of designer clothing and accessories from a Saks Fifth Avenue warehouse. He finally agreed to pay for the stolen.

During this episode, she was also charged with using illegal drugs. A year later, in December 2002, she was sentenced to three years of probation, 480 hours of community service, $3700 fine, and was ordered to attend psychological treatment. The charges were dropped on 18 June 2004 and reduced to misdemeanors. After six years of the robbery, he confessed not to feel guilty about the fact that she had not hurt anyone. She was nominated twice for the Oscars, for Women and as a supporting actress in The Age of Innocence, she did not win either. But it doesn’t matter here we leave you some of the best movies I ever participated in. Beetlejuice

Greats Balls Of Fire

The Young Scissor Hands


The House of Spirits


Reality Bites

Innocence Interrupted

The Black Swan

Stranger Thinks

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