translated from Spanish: Chicharito is in the orbit of the Chivas

Doubts and rumors about the arrival of the striker, Javier Hernández, in Chivas del Guadalajara sound even louder, because with his current MLS team, the LA Galaxy, it has been a lousy transit. Guadalajara Chivas owner Amaury Vergara spoke about the subject of the tapatío striker in an interview with Fox Sports’ Fernando Schwartz.
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It has not been my intention not to talk about Javier Hernández, I always wish Javier all the success, regardless of the streak that is going on right now, I think he is a very capable person, in my point of view, he is being him, all the players can go through bad times and there have been no talks, I know that it is rumored that we have been looking for him , this is not the time, we are in the middle of a tournament, I do not think frankly that the team where this right now wants to transfer it,” Vergara said.

Hernandez, has had very little involvement in the MLS, only on arrival was the MLS is back tournament lost, which served as a preseason for the teams. This contest is not contested by the Mexican, due to an injury. Mexican striker Javier Hernandez has participated in 10 of the 19 games played by LA Galaxy this season and has barely one goal. First, a calf injury drove him away from the courts for two months, while, in the last two encounters, he was out due to thigh discomfort.

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